The Mane Equestrian Centre

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About Us

What we offer

 At The Mane Equestrian Centre, we have safe horses and ponies, of all sizes, suitable for all abilities



Lessons for children and adults, from

beginners to advanced.

Fun activities so children enjoy their riding and make progress

Pony Days during school holidays


 Half hour private lesson                     £10

(1or2 riders)

One hour private lesson                      £15

(1 or 2 riders)

Half hour group lesson                        £8

(Max 4 riders)

One hour group lesson                      £12

(Max 4 riders)

Children’s clubs so children can stay for a half a day or full day

                      Half day       £15  

(includes 1hr riding)

Full day       £20

(includes 1 1/2hrs riding)